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Black Park Country Park, Buckinghamshire set of 'Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix'
The latest magical location shoot took place over several (4) days and nights at a wonderful location used previously by the Harry Potter team at Black Park in Buckinghamshire. The set was not a stones throw away from another major part of film history, Pinewood studios, where some greatest British films have been made in the past...
Utter amazement at the sheer scale of the Production was on everyone's minds as we made our way through the huge forest location. Security, transport, special effects, costume, wardrobe to name but a few of the departments involved; When added to the rest of the crew's there then simply thousands of people were required to make the scenes happen in this magical location.
I want to jump straight in and tell you all about the Thestral carriages but ill have to refrain and get to that later, they are so magical even whilst stationary.
Our first day on set (Wed 4th Oct) saw many of the main actors coming and going throughout the day along with the many extra's and studio crew busying themselves to be prepared for shooting the very last scene in the film. Quite a moving moment (for me anyway) to know this was the last chance of seeing our favourite three hero's together 'on screen' and how the film would end, but like professionals all the actors took it in their stride. If you DON'T want to read this scene skip this next sentence.
If you do, highlight the text with your mouse...
Harry is talking to Ron and Hermione as the trio and a ton of students with their Magical pets, Owls, rats and many other creatures are walking towards Hogsmeade station after leaving Hogwarts for the last time this term. We couldn't hear the dialogue but managed to catch a little of that which was read out to some of the extra's who all looked happy as they were 'going home'. The trio were relatively happy too, Hermione seemed to find what Harry said cute or funny from the expression that she gave. The Thestral carriages, 6 in all formed the perfect backdrop in the wooded area.
From what we saw and were told, this was indeed the last scene, as after this, scene, the film will do a fade to black.  The End.

Saturday 7th Oct daytime shoot was also to capture the same scene but utilized Harry, Ron and Hermione's doubles which again featured the Students walking the last few steps to the Station, all ready to leave the Magical World after one hell of a rough and long term, even if you were Harry returning to the Dursley's you could perhaps be excused some peace and quiet. As technology advances, so too does the talent of the FX and design departments on the HP productions. The Thestral carriages are absolutely gorgeous and were parked in the background (of course CGI departments will get to work on these scenes also) after bringing the students safely to the station, for the purposes of filming quad bikes were used to pull them around and not Thestral's sadly. Like all of you we just cant wait to actually get to see the Thestral's especially now as we heard whispers the plans for them are 'out of this world' which just added to the excitement. As we know Thestral's are visible ONLY to those who have witnessed death, but many of the actors experienced being lifted up into the air back at the studio as was recently explained by Rupert Grint in a recent interview.. Our Thursday and Friday night shoots were out of this world! same setting, same people but the whole place took on a wonderfully eerie atmosphere. Smoke machines, the Hogwarts Express, lighting and fantastic action were the order of the day. Some of the Props spotted to be used were just absolutely awesome and can be read below so to the costumes and attention to detail. As always everyone was in great spirits to make another few scenes perfect. If you DON'T want to read this scene skip this next sentence. If you do, highlight the text with your mouse...
'Potter Plotter' Daily Prophet, the Quibbler, tons of students luggage and many, many more Props were used in these scenes which were great to see. First scene of the night, but not of the movie, Harry is the only one who can see the Thestral's, Luna (looking fabulous in some really cool earrings???) and a great 'Butterbeer bottle top' necklace tells him not to worry as she can too. Nearly all the main cast were filming these scenes, Slytherins, Neville, Cho among them right up to another scene of Harry asleep in the carriage on the Express in which his head tilts mirroring Voldermort's. Quite how or what this means we don't know but a great deal of care and attention was taken both inside and outside the train until finally we get to see Harry's face through the window as the train moves off to reveal Hogwarts....
A wonderful journey, a wonderful experience and when finally 2007 marks the release of the Order of the Phoenix the most memorable film to date is to be anticipated and expected... thanks WB!!

****Add on- the following main actors/actresses were on site and viewed filming:
Harry, Herm, Ron, Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, Neville, ginny, Luna, & Cho.
These are all confirmed that were filming during the night shoots.

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