Autographs Page
This page is designed to help HP fans who would like to collect signed items or pictures from cast members, decide whether or not what they're considering is the real thing.
The idea came from Jamie Waylett, who remarked how he's seen things on ebay that he 'Signed', but doesn't even look remotely like his signature.
All these signatures ARE authentic. If we didn't know they were from the actor/actress themselves, we wouldn't put it here.
Thanks also to DanRadcliffe.com, and Davhoov's Autograph Collecting for letting us use some of their scans for this project.

Gryffindor Autographs

Dan Radcliffe Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson Rupert Grint
Bonnie Wright Bonnie Wright Phelps Twins Phelps Twins
Sean Biggerstaff Matthew Lewis Luke Youngblood Devon Murray


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